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Các giao dịch từ ngắn đến dài hạn

Thị trường

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Ngoại hối

Take part in the world’s largest financial market where more than $5 trillion worth of currencies are bought and sold each day.

Market indices

Chỉ số

Predict broader market trends and diversify your risk with indices that measure the overall performance of a market.

Market commodities

Hàng hóa

Trade natural resources that are central to the world’s economy and profit from the opportunities created by volatile markets.

Market synthetic indices

Các chỉ số tổng hợp

Enjoy synthetic markets that emulate the excitement of real-world markets without unpredictable real-world disruptions.

3 simple steps


Open a demo account and start trading for free. Practise with an unlimited amount of funds.

Giao dịch

Chart line

Open a real account and start trading for real. Trade forex, indices, commodities, and other derivatives.

Rút tiền

Get your funds quickly and easily. We support a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.

What our clients say about Deriv

Customer service support very awesome and first to respond to queries and helping on marketing part. No much struggle introducing new members to Binary.com since the company name already have a known truck of good ethics.


Paul Mugenda

Forex trader

I am very excited about all the technology involved in Deriv.com — an intuitive and optimised platform.


Roberto Arcanjo

CEO - Mercado Trader

It surpassed my expectations. Binary got it right with Deriv. Trading on the platform is excellent and it allows for making accurate graphical analyses of the market and adding support and resistance markings with the use of horizontal lines, RSI, FIBO and much more.


Fábio Oliveira

CEO - Bitcoin Informer