Secure and responsible trading

Trading online can be exciting, but it’s important to be reminded that there are risks involved. We encourage all our users to secure their accounts and trade responsibly to experience the best in online trading.

Here are some guidelines for a safe trading experience.

Securing your account

Use different passwords

Use strong and varied passwords for your Deriv account, email, online banking, e-wallets, etc. Make it as difficult as possible for anyone to guess your passwords.

Keep browser up-to-date

Use a secure web browser such as Google Chrome and always ensure it’s up-to-date. Security patches are included in the software updates of your browser.

Don't share

To prevent unauthorised usage of your account, don’t share your login details with anyone. Keep your username, passwords, and PINs secure.

Install antivirus

Install security apps such as antivirus and firewalls on your devices. Leading security apps are available in desktop and mobile versions.

Trading responsibly

Dont borrow

Understand the risks of online trading. Never trade using borrowed money, or money you can’t afford to lose.

Free demo account

Use our free demo account and trade with unlimited virtual funds. It’s the easiest way to learn how to use our products.

set limit chart

Set a limit for your losses and stick to it. Put aside some of your winnings to avoid losing all your money.

Avoid bad judgement

Trade wisely and don’t let your emotions influence your decisions. Don’t trade when you’re prone to bad judgement.

For more details on our products and the risks involved in online trading, read our key information documents (KIDs) on commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading limits and self-exclusion

Online trading is exciting but it can be addictive. There are various limits that you can set on your account to limit your trading activity.

You can:

  • 在指定时间段内限制您可以交易的金额。

  • 在指定时间期限内限制您可能遭受的损失额。

  • 在某个交易时段内限制您可以交易的时间。

  • 禁止您自己在指定时间段内或无限期在我们网站上交易。

How trading limits and self-exclusion work

  • 首三项限制只能在收到通知的24小时后删除或增加。您必须确认希望修改此限制。

  • 自我禁止的最短期限为六个月。您可以选择立即将其延长至五年,且不含任何冷静期。

  • 当您设置了自我禁止期后,我们会将您的账户余额退还给您。

  • 自我禁止期结束时,自我禁止将保持不变,直到您采取措施为止。

  • 如您不想继续自我禁止并请求重新开始交易,我们将在允许您访问我们网站之前给予一天时间的冷静期。请注意,您必须通过电话提出请求,仅以电子邮件联系是不足够的。

You may contact us to set or adjust your self-exclusion or trading limits.

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