Details of our agreement with you, how we protect your funds and security, and more

General terms

Warunki ogólne

The main agreement you’re making with us to use Deriv

Trading terms

Warunki handlowania

Our platforms and the transactions you can make on them plus other important details about trading on Deriv

Funds and transfers

Funds and transfers

How we keep your funds, transfers between your accounts, and our bonuses to you

Security and privacy

Bezpieczeństwo i prywatność

What we do and don’t do with your data and how we use cookies

Business terms

Warunki biznesowe

Our agreement with affiliates, introducing brokers, developers who use our API, and payment agents

Risk disclosure

Oświadczenie dot. ryzyka

Ryzyka związane z handlowaniem, z których należy sobie zdawać sprawę


Warunki dodatkowe

Additional terms related to some of our companies